Learn how and make it rad!

Hey-o, I am ManiacalMaynard! A driven, self-taught, DIY-minded web developer who is voracious for new know-how so that I can continue to grow as a more well rounded maker of web experiences.

    Soft Skills

  • Creative Problem Solver
  • Sound Logic & Critical Thinking
  • Calm Professional, Even Under Deadline
  • Open & Clear Communicator
  • Self Taught, Highly Driven
  • Comfortable in Lead or Support Roles

    Design Skills

  • Figma, Adobe Creative Suite Expert
  • UI/UX, Research & Implementation
  • Wireframing, Prototyping, & Testing
  • Visual Design & Art Direction Experience
  • Copywriting, Branding, Typography Nerd
  • Iterative & User-Centric Philosophy

    Development Skills

  • HTML 5, Accessibility
  • CSS 3, Responsive Design
  • JavaScript ES6, D3.js, Node.js
  • Git, GitHub, GNU/Linux
  • Familiar with LAMP & MERN stacks
  • CMS Experience with WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal

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Yep, these are actual quotes from colleagues, clients, and so-called friends. Another?

I like to make things!